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Zinfandelic Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zinfandel

Enjoy these quick tips when pairing Zinfandel with food!

Zinfandel Cheese Pairing Guide

Zinfandelic Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zinfandel With styles of Zinfandel and so many varieties of cheese available, wine and cheese combinations are endless. Here are some recommendations when pairing cheese with Zin. Have fun experimenting!

Quick Tips
Balance the flavors of the wine and cheese. Pair a lighter Zinfandel with milder cheeses, and complement a full-bodied Zinfandel with stronger cheeses.

Zinfandel Favorites
Some of our favorites to enjoy with Zin:
- Parmesan
- Aged Cheddar
- Aged Gouda
- Asiago
- Dry Jack

Lighter Zinfandels
Enjoy lighter Zins with milder cheeses.
- Mozzarella
- Brie
- Gouda
- Swiss
- Mild Cheddar

Bold Zinfandels
A big Zin is best with a robust, flavorful cheese.
- Aged Gruyere
- Ossau Iraty
- Roncal
- Le Moulis
- Garrotxa
- Cheddar

Spicy Zinfandels
Try spicy Zins with cheses with smoky or sharp flavors.
- Smoked Gouda
- Gorgonzola
- Harvati
- Gruyere
- Smoked Swiss
- Smoked Cheddar

Port-like Zinfandels
Treat a port-like Zin like a dessert wine when selecting cheese pairings.
- Stilton
- Montgomery Cheddar
- Roquefort
- Azeitao


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