Zinfandelic wines - Old Vine Zinfandel from California
Zinfandelic Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zinfandel

The perfect gift to bring
out the hippie in you.

Zinfandelic Groovy Duo

Perfect gift for Zin-fans

Zinfandel wine gift pack from ZinfandelicTwo bottles of Zinfandelic Old Vine Zinfandel and a groovy wine tote.

With a label inspired by the psychedelic rock posters of the 1960s, Zinfandelic captures the spirit of Zinfandel, California's quintessential wine. The organically farmed old vine vineyards are located in Sierra Foothills, a region renowned for being home to some of the oldest Zinfandel vines in the world.

The high altitude vineyards and sandy clay loam soils of Sierra Foothills yield a bold Old Vine Zinfandel, with rich, bright raspberry and black cherry fruit complemented by hints of earth and spice that add to its complexity. The fresh fruit characteristics are balanced by lively acidity, hallmarks of the Sierra Foothills region.



Zinfandel Food Pairings

Zinfandelic's Sierra Foothills Old Vine Zinfandel makes an excellent choice for anything hot off the grill, such as grilled tri-tip steak. Try slicing up the steak and throwing it on top of a sourdough dinner roll.


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